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Are you aware of your health risks? WelNewMe empowers people to live healthier, happier lives for the rest of their life.


About Us

WellNewMe is a health technology company that works with organisations to improve population health and reduce costs & losses associated with stress and preventable health conditions such as non-communicable diseases (NCDs) which include cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes type II and hypertension.

WellNewMe does this through our unique online platform designed and developed by healthcare professionals. We are able to assess the health risks of individuals using an algorithm approach that spans physical, psychosocial and environmental domains and provide advice on all the key drivers of well-being, health and productivity.

Our mission is to help organisations and individuals establish healthy environments and routines by guiding them on making the right choices driven by data. We will work with them to instil the concept that understanding organisational and individual health status is empowering. In addition, through our work, we have seen our appreciate the ability to influence outcomes by taking specific steps is well within their reach.

Africa Prize for Innovative Engineering by The Royal Academy of Engineers
Pitch@Palace Alumni
Transformative Technology Academy Alumni

Data Driven Preventive Health

With our digitised solution for preventive health, we can detect and stratify individual health risks and as such make specific recommendations for preventive health activity. In addition, through the use of data analytics and iterative feedback loops, users have the opportunity to continually get feedback in real-time with respect to their health status and therefore make appropriate action plans for change. Algorithm based methods also allow for flexibility and the ability to tailor the content to the needs of the clients.

We are pioneers in the delivery of precision wellbeing and stratified wellness, two new domains that have emerged in the healthcare industry that utilise the power of data sciences to deliver individualised care to improve health outcomes.

We provide a secure, evidence-based and robust service to patients that will create new opportunities for clinician-patient interaction for the future. Data is at the heart of our offering, and by focusing on making your medical data work for you, WellNewMe will add a new layer to the frontlines of healthcare as our approach will not only result in the likelihood of reduced incidences of NCDs, but also could support the transition to better self-care in the wider health system.








This is what we do

WellNewMe offers an online platform which is a launch pad for the servcies listed below.

Employee Well-Being

For companies who want to produce a much healthier workforce. Utilising a pro-active risk reduction strategy that empowers employees to understand their health status and actions that can be undertaken is key. Research has clearly demonstrated that workplace health assessments influence employee engagement and productivity positively.
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Look beyond the results and get consultations on a number of health intervention techniques. We provide timely and evidence-based recommendations on the appropriate steps to take in order to achieve the optimal level of wellbeing within the populations we provide service for. This can be delivered via interactive reports on our platform or digital e-copies.
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Personalised Wellness

For the health conscious individuals who are interested in looking after their health. Through our platform, we can offer tailored health advice and personalised milestones to health enthusiasts, who then go on to implement the changes in their lives. The more they engage with the platform, the more specific and tailored the recommendations that they receive will be.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Obi Igbokwe

Chief Executive Officer

Medical doctor and health informatician with close to 20 years’ experience as a software engineer and data scientist.

Dr. Dayo Sobamowo

Chief Financial Officer

Medical doctor, healthcare management consultant and former investment banker with FCMB Capital Markets.

Dr. Mamsallah Omisore

Chief Technical Officer

Clinician and health policy consultant providing technical guidance for WellNewMe program design and development.